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Anshide Asset Management Co.,Ltd Brief Introduction

Anshide Asset Management Company

Anshide Asset Management Co.,Ltd is established in 2009, locating in CBD of Shenzhen Futian district, providing long-term professional services for large financial institutions. Anshide sets up three companies in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, seven business areas distributed in the northeast, north, central, east, south, southwest and northwest of china, and dozens offices in the most provincial capitals and large cities, providing all-directional services such as pre-project survey, data collection, preliminary review, witness contract signing and post asset management, etc.  

Anshide has established great relationships with financial institutions such as banks, financing leasing companies, trust companies and so on, expanding business to aspects of financial asset management, corporate credit management and services and consulting for supply chain finance.

Anshide’s management team is composed of experienced professionals in areas such as finance, management, investment, economy, law and so on. Most of them comes from domestic first-class financial institutions, accounting firms, law firms and have rich theoretical and practical experiences.